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Leadership Ministries

Our desire is to “equip” you to pray, to defend, to teach, to lead, and to serve.

Christian Growth

Our desire is to “equip” your teen to pray, to defend, to teach, to lead, and to serve. How can we spend the next years with your teen making them the best church leader, the best Sunday school teacher and the best defender of the Bible? This training would be one important way. Our desire is to capture the heart of your teen, and instill in them a desire to intentionally go on with the Lord. To do that, we would like to encourage your teen to complete the following Leadership Modules.

Leadership Modules - Level 1

We have given you various nuggets of information which if put into practice will help you to be a better Christian Leader or a Mission Trip worker. Remember that our goal is in all situations to be Christ Like. He is to be our model and our guide. The emphasis of this document is pointed to becoming a Christian leader. The principles of developing Christlike behaviors would apply to any leadership position.

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We have given you the opportunity to write out your testimony. Please be aware that you should not be discouraged if you cannot remember the specific details or even the date or place. Some might remember the day, time and place along with what was happening at the time a decision was made. Others might remember the circumstance leading to that moment when they gave their life to the Lord. Some might remember the depths of sin they were in before surrendering themselves to the Lord. Realize that over time you may choose to add more detail of what was going on in your life at that time. So, don’t worry about how ‘long’ or ‘detailed’ or how ‘good’ your testimony is, just share how the Lord came into your life and how the encounter with the Lord has changed your life. i.e. What He is currently doing in your life.

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We have provided a comprehensive Statement of Faith which comes from the Roman Road – Plan of Salvation. In reading it carefully, you will see that it makes very clear the plan of salvation and Jesus Christ’s role in that plan. It shows also, the reason for the plan and the need of man to repent and accept Jesus making Him Lord of his life.

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We would like you to choose between five and ten of your favorite Bible verses. The first five favorite verses must come from different books of the Bible. The additional verses may come from any books. After you write out your verse, ponder it, and write in the next box why you chose this as a favorite verse.

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We would like you to be able to share your testimony in sixty seconds or less.

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Leadership Modules - Level 2

We have given you practical insights for cabin leaders. The emphasis of this document is pointed to becoming a Kids' Kamp cabin leader. The principles given here would apply to any leadership position.

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We have given you detailed technigues in how to engage a child, how to get to know them better and how for them to be comfortable with you.

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We have provided a detailed techniques to help you lead a child to the Lord. It helps you with terminology and additude in quiding a child to accept Jesus making Him Lord of their life.

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This module will give you a reference sheet as you have the opportunity to shadow a cabin leader and observe how they engage the campers in their cabin.

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Christian Apologetics

Apologetics is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse

These articles are used in Youth on Mission classes to give information necessary to defend the Faith.

The general presbytery of the Assemblies of God (AG) denomination adopted a revised statement on “The Doctrine of Creation.”

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Skeptics sometimes demand a list of creationist scientists who have contributed to science. We can make a powerful five-fold response to this challenge:

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If animals practice homosexuality does that make it normal?

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Human life—is it precious? Or is it no different from the life of a mosquito? Human life—is it worth living?

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Challenges and Opportunities for the Iranian Church

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Many times, as Christian theists, we find ourselves on the defensive against the critiques and questions of atheists.

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You cannot use the Fall as a response to why we have death and suffering if you also accept the evolutionary time scale, because they contradict each other.

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The Bible: the only basis for objective morality

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There are many people who oppose the idea of ‘Intelligent Design’ (ID).

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If ‘I was born that way’ makes homosexuality okay, what else does it make okay? What if there’s a genetic basis for pedophilia or incest?

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The April 2004 cover of Discover magazine poses the question, ‘Are Right and Wrong Wired Into Our Brains?’

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What is the proof for it (yom) being a literal day?

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