Pick up a 2020 Faith Challenge booklet in the lobby at church or print the PDF below.

It is a prayer and Bible reading guide that will last all year.

Week # 21 Goal: 2 Samuel

Daily Readings: 5/18: 2 Samuel 1-5. 5/19: 2 Samuel 6-9. 5/20: 2 Samuel 10-13. 5/21: 2 Samuel 14-17. 

5/22: 2 Samuel 18-20. 5/23: 2 Samuel 21-24. 5/24: The Lord's Day.

Introduction: One of the most important passages in the Bible is found in 2 Samuel 7, God's covenant with David. It is traditionally referred to as the Davidic Covenant. In the Davidic Covenant, God promises David that one of his descendants would reign over an eternal kingdom. If you look carefully at the Davidic Covenant, you will notice that some things are fulfilled provisionally in Solomon. This is a short-term fulfillment. But reigning over an eternal kingdom?! That is fulfilled climactically, or eschatologically, in Christ Jesus. This is long-term, ultimate fulfillment. Looking forward to a Messiah from David's lineage would come to shape the hopes of Israel. They wait. They look. And finally, their Messiah comes, King Jesus. In fact, the New Testament begins with this very proclamation, "The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David" (Matthew 1:1). So, in 1 Samuel, David was anointed King. In 2 Samuel, he takes the throne and reigns as king.

Week #22 Goal: 1 Kings

Daily Readings: 5/25: 1 Kings 1-3. 5/26: 1 Kings 4-7. 5/27: 1 Kings 8-11. 5/28: 1 Kings 12-15. 

5/29: 1 Kings 16-18. 5/30: 1 Kings 19-22. 5/31: The Lord's Day.

Introduction: Decline. Apostasy. Idolatry. Civil war. You'll see all this and more in 1 Kings. In case you have forgotten the main plot of the Bible--man sinning against God and God showing mercy toward sinners--1 Kings will be a clear reminder! You will read of the glorious rise of Solomon and the prosperity of Israel under his care. You will see moral decline and the seductive nature of sin and flesh. You will read about the prophet Elijah's ministry and the miracles involved in it. You will see over and over, as we do throughout all Scripture, that man is not equipped to rule over ourselves, we need God to rule; we are not able to save or purify ourselves, we need God to save and purify; and we are not able to overcome and defeat our enemies, we need God to overcome and defeat. Praise the Lord that he sends Jesus Christ, our King and Savior. He rules, saves, purifies, overcomes, and defeats. Submit to his Kingship; receive from him the gift of salvation.


Commit 2020 to the joy and power of secret prayer (Matt. 6:6; 14:23). Pray for our church and our impact in the community and in each other's lives. We have made a placard that you may print and stand up at home or work. 

May Focus: Gospel Grace 

Pray for our church to grow in reconciling personal relationships, in forgiving each other from the heart, and in showing mutual humility in all situations.  


Pray for God's name to be revered as holy, his kingdom to come, and his will to be done in our lives and church (Matthew 6:9-10).


Pray for our church to grow in evangelism, love for the lost, and for God to save sinners through our ministries (Romans 1:14-17; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4).


Pray for our church to grow in unity, love, and service to each other for the building up of our church in the grace and knowledge of Christ (Ephesians 4:1-6; Galatians 5:6).


Pray for our church to grow in reconciling personal relationships, forgiving each other from the heart, and mutual humility in all situations (Matthew 6:11-15; 18:15-35).


Pray for us to put the glory of God and biblical truth first and not our personal preferences, emotions, or traditions (1 Corinthians 10:31; 1 Peter 4:11).

Prayer Card PDF

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