Wednesday Discipleship

Due to the need to move to online Bible Study and teaching, we have paused our regular Wednesday night study. If you are unable to join us live on Facebook on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, you may find the videos afterwards on Facebook and YouTube or click on the weeks below for the audio only.

Interpretation 101 - Syllabus
The Promise of a Kingdom, part 1: Genesis to Chronicles


North Harford Baptist Church, room #7 (downstairs)

Wednesdays 7pm, September-December 2019 (check for off-weeks)
Teacher: Pastor Matt Fortunato,


- To learn how to interpret Scripture according to Scripture: according to the whole

story/context of Scripture; and according to Scriptural principles and ideas.

- To see how Scripture has one story/plotline (the Bible's "unity"): it develops
progressively in different epochs/eras (the Bible's "diversity") and culminates in the
person and work of Jesus Christ (the "Christo-telic" nature of the Bible).

- To see how the different pieces and books of Scripture fit into the one, grand picture.

- To see how Scripture is not only a record of God's revelation and redemption, but that
Scripture itself is part of God's revelation and redemption. It is not only about
supernatural things, but it possesses a supernatural quality. Or, the Bible talks about
redemptive-history, and also the Bible is a central and living component of redemptive history.

- To see how all Scripture is about Jesus in some way (the "Christo-centric" character of
the Bible), and that its main purpose is to proclaim him as Lord and Savior.


Wk 1 Foundations pt 1 What the Bible is about ■

Wk 2 Foundations pt 2 History from beginning to end ■

Wk 3 Genesis pt 1 The first Adam ■

Wk 4 Genesis pt 2 Abraham, the man of faith ■

Wk 5 Exodus pt 1 Moses, the prophet of YHWH ■

Wk 6 Exodus pt 2 The Law of YHWH ■

Wk 7 Leviticus A pleasing aroma to YHWH ■

Wk 8 Numbers In the wilderness of Sinai ■

Wk 9 Deuteronomy "I have set the land before you." (1:8) ■

Wk 10 Deuteronomy pt 2 ■

Wk 11 Deuteronomy pt 3 ■

Wk 12 Principles pt 1 Law and Gospel ■

Wk 13 Principles pt 2 Typology ■

Wk 14 Joshua "The land that I swore to their fathers." (1:6) ■

Wk 15 Judges and Ruth Unrelenting Sin; Unrelenting Mercy ■

Wk 16 Samuel Kingship: On earth as it is in heaven? (from the judges to David) ■

Wk 17 Kings Kingdom, sin, exile: Sound familiar? (from David to Babylonian Exile)

Wk 18 Chronicles God's Covenant Faithfulness (from Adam king of Eden to Cyrus king of Persia)

Wk 19 Principles pt 3 Reviewing the Covenants: Adam to David

Recommended Reading

- Nick Roark and Robert Kline, Biblical Theology: How the Church Faithfully Teaches the Gospel

Recommended Project

- Write either a short paper, a Bible study, or a sermon on any passage from Genesis to

Chronicles showing how that passage foreshadows or promises Jesus, and how Jesus-

in his person and work as Messiah-is the substance of that shadow or fulfillment of

that promise. Use of the New Testament will be critical.

     o I will give a step-by-step guide on how to do these!

     o The process is meant to be edifying and devotional.

     o The processes of thinking, studying, and writing have been woefully and

        radically underestimated in their benefit for Christian growth and discipleship.

     o Personal belief: Theological education and pastoral training needs to be brought

        back into local churches.

Recommended Assignments

- I suggest that you do the following assignment at least 4 times throughout this course.

It will help you develop good, Christ-centered interpretive instincts.

- I will give a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

- And, I will give you examples. These can be done on 1 piece of scrap paper.

- Pick a passage that is no shorter than 5 verses but no longer than a chapter.

     o Who is the original audience and what is their situation?

     o What is the basic message or meaning?

     o How does it fit into the one story of Scripture?

     o How does it relate specifically to Jesus?

     o What "Law" does it contain? What "Gospel" does it contain?

     o In one sentence, summarize how this passage speaks Christ to your heart.

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