Wednesday Discipleship

Interpretation 101 - Syllabus
The Promise of a Kingdom, part 1: Genesis to Chronicles


North Harford Baptist Church, room #7 (downstairs)

Wednesdays 7pm, September-December 2019 (check for off-weeks)
Teacher: Pastor Matt Fortunato,


- To learn how to interpret Scripture according to Scripture: according to the whole

story/context of Scripture; and according to Scriptural principles and ideas.

- To see how Scripture has one story/plotline (the Bible's "unity"): it develops
progressively in different epochs/eras (the Bible's "diversity") and culminates in the
person and work of Jesus Christ (the "Christo-telic" nature of the Bible).

- To see how the different pieces and books of Scripture fit into the one, grand picture.

- To see how Scripture is not only a record of God's revelation and redemption, but that
Scripture itself is part of God's revelation and redemption. It is not only about
supernatural things, but it possesses a supernatural quality. Or, the Bible talks about
redemptive-history, and also the Bible is a central and living component of redemptive history.

- To see how all Scripture is about Jesus in some way (the "Christo-centric" character of
the Bible), and that its main purpose is to proclaim him as Lord and Savior.


Wk 1 Foundations pt 1 What the Bible is about ■

Wk 2 Foundations pt 2 History from beginning to end ■

Wk 3 Genesis pt 1 The first Adam ■

Wk 4 Genesis pt 2 Abraham, the man of faith ■

Wk 5 Exodus pt 1 Moses, the prophet of YHWH ■

Wk 6 Exodus pt 2 The Law of YHWH ■

Wk 7 Leviticus A pleasing aroma to YHWH ■

Wk 8 Numbers In the wilderness of Sinai ■

Wk 9 Deuteronomy "I have set the land before you." (1:8)

Wk 10 Deuteronomy pt 2

Wk 11 Deuteronomy pt 3

Wk 12 Principles pt 1 Law and Gospel 

Wk 13 Principles pt 2 Typology

Wk 14 Joshua "The land that I swore to their fathers." (1:6)

Wk 15 Judges and Ruth Unrelenting Sin; Unrelenting Mercy

Wk 16 Samuel Kingship: On earth as it is in heaven? (from the judges to David)

Wk 17 Kings Kingdom, sin, exile: Sound familiar? (from David to Babylonian Exile)

Wk 18 Chronicles God's Covenant Faithfulness (from Adam king of Eden to Cyrus king of Persia)

Wk 19 Principles pt 3 Reviewing the Covenants: Adam to David

Recommended Reading

- Nick Roark and Robert Kline, Biblical Theology: How the Church Faithfully Teaches the Gospel

Recommended Project

- Write either a short paper, a Bible study, or a sermon on any passage from Genesis to

Chronicles showing how that passage foreshadows or promises Jesus, and how Jesus-

in his person and work as Messiah-is the substance of that shadow or fulfillment of

that promise. Use of the New Testament will be critical.

     o I will give a step-by-step guide on how to do these!

     o The process is meant to be edifying and devotional.

     o The processes of thinking, studying, and writing have been woefully and

        radically underestimated in their benefit for Christian growth and discipleship.

     o Personal belief: Theological education and pastoral training needs to be brought

        back into local churches.

Recommended Assignments

- I suggest that you do the following assignment at least 4 times throughout this course.

It will help you develop good, Christ-centered interpretive instincts.

- I will give a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

- And, I will give you examples. These can be done on 1 piece of scrap paper.

- Pick a passage that is no shorter than 5 verses but no longer than a chapter.

     o Who is the original audience and what is their situation?

     o What is the basic message or meaning?

     o How does it fit into the one story of Scripture?

     o How does it relate specifically to Jesus?

     o What "Law" does it contain? What "Gospel" does it contain?

     o In one sentence, summarize how this passage speaks Christ to your heart.

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