Some Basic Details

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-believing Baptist church who has been in Jarrettsville since July 6, 1952. 

Our focus has not changed since then; it is on God's gracious love that has come to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are here for the glory and praise of God, not of ourselves, the world, the nation, the church, or of anything else, but of God alone according to Scripture.

We are fueled by a passion for God's glory, man's salvation, and Spirit-filled Christian living, worship, and preaching according to God's Word. As God's salvation in Christ is open to anyone who believes, our church doors are always open to any who would come (see John 3:16).

When You Visit Us

The only way to really get to know a church -- what they believe and what kind of people they are -- is to visit and spend time with them. You are always welcome at North Harford Baptist Church. When you visit, you will be welcomed with warmth, kindness, and hospitality.

When you visit, you will see that our worship is centered on the good news that God sent Jesus to forgive our sins and save our souls for eternity.

By God's grace, we make it our aim to please God. We therefore keep the focus on spiritual matters such as God, grace, the soul, eternity, worship, forgiveness, brotherly love, and biblical spiritual growth.

Cooperation with Other Churches

We cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention for the sake of domestic and international missions. And we work regionally with the Baptist Convention of Maryland / Delaware for the strengthening of cooperating churches in our area.