Justification by Faith


How can a sinner stand before a holy God and be declared innocent and righteous? 

The only answer is Jesus Christ. Jesus takes away the guilt of sin. He clothes sinners in His righteousness. In Him, sinners are acceptable. Outside of Him, there is no way. Apart from Jesus we have no hope. 

The Bible teaches that sinners are justified before God by faith in Jesus, not by religion, good works, morals, or personal sincerity or spirituality. We need Jesus to be saved from our sin.

So, do you have Jesus today? Recieve Him by faith based on his death and resurrection. Receive Jesus and be justified before God: be declared innocent and righteous in God's eyes.

Hear the gavel come down. CRASH! "Innocent," declares the judge. "Righteous," He says with authority and gladness. Yes, that is the sinner who is found in Jesus by grace through faith.

No, the sinner did not work his way to this point. He put his trust in Jesus based on Jesus' death and resurrection. By his death, Jesus took the guilt of sin from all who believe in Him. By his resurrection, Jesus defeated death for all who believe in Him. As living, Jesus shares the gift of righteousness and eternal life with all who come to Him in faith and repentance.

Would you come to Him? Would you believe in Jesus and, by that faith in Him, be forgiven and acceptable before Almighty God? Today you can do it.